Congrats on the anniversary! Fabulous web sites that you create! You do a fast creative designs that make your sites look amazing.

Sandra Berry, Owner

Cedar Lodge Arkansas

As a small club looking to create a website.  We were afraid that we wouldn't be able to find someone who would cater to our needs at an affordable price. Thankfully we found "Websites by Don".  Don has created an attractive and definitive website for Central Ohio Hiking Club. It shows our current year schedule and in-depth information for established members and prospective hikers. There is a treasure trove of history provided via several years of our CO-Hiker newsletter. We can now archive so much more than we were able to with our previous website. 

John Troutman 

President. Central Ohio Hiking Club


Websites by Don has done a marvelous on the website for The Friends of Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park, Inc. The pages are easy to maneuver and pop out and make you want to look some more! Don is so easy to work with and takes suggestions and changes and voila it’s done.

The videos are awesome and the content is more than we have ever had. More viewers are looking at our site than ever before and hopefully we will get more people to join the Friends. We need more members to help support our Wildlife Park!

Thanks Don for a great job!

Ginny Svoboda, "Friends" Board Member

The Friends of Homosassa Springs 

Wildlife Park

"Don Lowe is webmaster for Bella Vista’s Hill ‘n Dale Hikers club. As club president, I have the distinct pleasure of coordinating our frequent input with Don.  During this past year, I have noticed two special gifts make Don a highly qualified and sought after webmaster. First, he is very talented and creative. I simply give him photos and text. He organizes them into a beautiful, user friendly website complete with slideshows and background music. Second, he is very committed to keeping our website current. His response time is usually measured in minutes, not days. This includes a time or two while he was enjoying an out-of-state vacation! He is also proactive. When articles look a little out of date, Don has notified me to consider making changes. He provides us with a monthly graph of website statistics which show us how often the website is accessed. That’s important information for recruiting. Top all that off with a very pleasant personality, and you have a highly qualified webmaster – Don Lowe."


Mike Stone


Hill ‘n Dale Hikers

Bella Vista, Arkansas


Congratulations for the spectacular web you have created for our park.  It's really special. Thank you."


Art & Bev Swanson , 

"Friends" Board Members

The Friends of Homosassa Springs 

Wildlife Park

"My web master is Don Lowe.  He built my web site to be user friendly and easy to navigate.  I have had comments from several people who have visited the web site that rave about how professional it looks and how much information is available.  This wasn't something he did by just sitting in front of a computer; He made several field trips to gather photographs to use and he did research to evaluate different slide show programs.   Finally he has helped me get links to other web sites and now the ranking of my site is improving because of this management.  Certainly if you are in need of a web site I would highly recommend Don. He will build you a great site and be there for you for continued support.

Steve Johnson, President, Intense Golf Instruction"

Intense Golf Instruction



"Let say right off the bat... I love the website.  I think it's laid out perfectly, very easy to navigate with a lots of action."

Joe Dube


Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park


"Don has done a great job designing and executing the website for our hiking club. We worked exclusively through emails and every suggestion was followed up immediately, changes were made and additions of new material was done efficiently. I can't say more about Don's commitment to our site. Our newsletter is now on the site and members can access it easily. We can add new information quickly and let our members know that there are updates available to them. We still have some work to do such as adding links to other sites which are of interest to our hikers, but overall the site is easy to navigate and what we hoped to accomplish has been done. I highly recommend Don to anyone who wants to have a website published to the internet."

Jackie Charles, President Hill N' Dale Hikers 


Julia's Lake House

Don is personable and meets with you on a one to one basis. No middle man.
He is constantly brain storming with you to improve your web site.
Don suggests top notch creative ideas and is very attentive to detail.
Thanks Don for all your effort in getting my web site, www.JuliasLakeHouse.com, up and running.

Julia Denniston, Owner 

Julia's Lake House

"Having been the new president for only a short time, I have to concur with the two former presidents of Hill ‘n Dale Hiking Club about the great job that Don does for our club. I’ve had to update info about officers, club news, and much other information and Don has gotten it on the website right away. We take many pictures of our hikes and Don has added these to the website very quickly as well. He is easy to work with and helpful with the web knowledge that he has. The old expression is that you get what you pay for. This isn’t always true as Don’s prices are very reasonable. I would like to recommend his web services to others who need someone to create or maintain a website for them."

Dora Brach, president
Hill ‘n Dale Hiking Club
Bella Vista, Arkansas

"Don set up our website working with us in a very professional manner. He was patient with our ignorance of the web and worked to incorporate our ideas and thoughts into the process. We highly recommend Don if you are serious about using this venue for promoting your business and getting the best page placement possible. Don works very hard at getting your site to come up as close to the top as possible. We highly recommend Websites by Don." 

Jack & Judy Weiss

Casa Bella Services

"My name is Art Yerian and I am the Park Manager here at the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. Just wanted you to know that I think the website is great we receive a lot of positive feed back from our visitors and volunteers."

Art Yerian, Park Manager
Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs
Wildlife State Park
4150 S. Suncoast Blvd.
Homosassa, FL  34446-1168

"The Friends website is excellent.  I have suggested to many volunteers and guests of the wildlife park to visit the Friends website.  Several comments have been made at different times to me that it is a very informative website checking out events.  The most popular comments are about “See our beautiful wildlife” how nice the photos fade in and out with music. 

Under donation where you listed about a new Business Partnership is an added plus as we visit a business to sell these partnerships because we can say you get advertisement on the Friends website as a partner with the wildlife.   I gave Ginny new names to add to this list because of the great selling point."

Jo “Mama Jo” LeCount
The Friends of Homosassa Springs  Wildlife Park 

"Don Lowe has been very easy to work with, and a great help. I am someone that didn't know where to begin as far as a web site, and Don has walked me through every step letting me make design decisions. I think my web site has turned out wonderful. It also helps a great deal that whenever I make a change, I e-mail Don, and I get a reply shortly after saying it's done. It is great to be able to put something in someone's hand and trust that it is being handled the way you want it to be."

Lisa Young, Co-Owner

From the Ground Up Nursery &  Sugar Creek Farmers' Market 

"I like my eye catching website that Don developed because it displays my artwork so nicely.  I like how easy it is to navigate from one area to another via the navigation buttons at both the top and bottom of each page.  His implementation allows my website to be found easily through google and other search engines without added fees."

Jerelyn's Note Cards


Congratulations for the spectacular web you have created for our park.  It's really special. Thank you."

Art & Bev Swanson ,
"Friends" Board Members

The Friends of Homosassa Springs  Wildlife Park

Not being a computer person I really didn't consider having a web site for my business, Three Rivers Gallery and Custom Framing. My husband kept telling me that it would be a possible way to get more business and to keep up with other advancing businesses by being able to tell customers about a web site. We had heard about Don Lowe and his expertise from friends so we gave him a call. I was really impressed with how professional the site looks and with all the information that he presented. We have had new customers because of having this web site so besides being impressed with what Don did for us, I am a believer in the power of the web. I recommend him without reservation.

Elly Johnson President,
Three Rivers Gallery and Custom Framing